Your very own very profitable business

A big benefit of owning your leasing business is that it is a very profitable business.

Is your equipment dealership netting 15% pretax? Well, your own leasing business can.

And today, February of 2024, lenders are tightening credit standards, and it is getting harder to qualify your customers for financing.

With your own leasing company, you can provide financing to more customers while increasing your profits.

And best of all-

  • Owning your own leasing company couldn’t be easier.
  • Viken Capital Group forms and manages your own leasing companly. We do it all.
  • The bulk of Viken’s fees ar paid by your leasing customers. Your leasing company will have very low operating expenses.

Now is the time to take action-

  • Some people make things happen
  • Some watch while things happen
  • And some wonder what happened

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