Providing funds for your own leasing company – 2

There are many ways to provide funds for your leasing company. Friends and family could be a great way to obtain your investment capital. Let them in on the opportunity to share in the high investment returns from our leasing company.

Let’s look at some possibilities –

Aunt Bessie has her investments in savings accounts (2%) and Cd’s (5%). You have always been her favorite nephew and / or she would like to make higher returns from her capital.

So, Aunt Bessie owns the leasing company and generates 15% returns on her investment.

Or Aunt Bessie loans your leasing company the funds to operate the leasing company, receiving interest of 5%, 6%, etc.

Or Aunt Bessie needs monthly cash flow, so she receives a preferential monthly return of 7%, and the balance of the profits are left in the company to accumulate.

And some more –

Family and friends can each form their own leasing company, or a group can pool their funds into on leasing company.

The business owner and a group of employees can form a leasing company.

There would be a great number of creative varitations.

And some words of wisdom,

“Be happy, it drives people crazy”

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