We specialize in advising, forming, and managing in-house leasing operations for small and medium-sized capital equipment dealers who understand the benefits of investing in their own businesses.

There are various methods that vendors can use to fund their captive finance company.

Benefits of Establishing an
In-House Finance Operation for Captive Lease Company.

By establishing your own in-house finance operation, you can maintain control over your customers and their financing, while earning a fee on every financed equipment sale. Not only will you gain more customers by getting them financed, but you will also add a new profit center, thereby increasing sales and profits.

Hassle-Free Setup and Management of Captive Leasing Company

Best of all, we take care of everything to turn your captive leasing company and in-house business into a reality. We set up and manage your captive company from start to finish, allowing you to focus solely on funding and leasing customers.

Funding Your Captive Leasing Company: Various Options to Consider

There are several ways to fund your captive leasing company, including using your own funds, your company’s funds, friend and family funds, and bank financing. One of the best ways to fund your captive leasing company is through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The capital in your IRA-funded leasing company compounds rapidly, as the profits are not currently taxable.

Tailoring Your In-House Finance Business to Meet Customer’s Financing Requirements.

We tailor your in-house finance business to suit the specific needs of your company and your customers’ financing requirements. We process all financing applications and refer A and B customers to third-party lessors, while financing C and D credits, including new businesses, through your captive leasing company. Many C and D credits will be customers with FICO credit scores between 600 and 680, with the yields on these leases starting at 12%.

Take control of your customer’s financing and increase sales and profits by establishing your own in-house finance operation, tailored to your specific needs and managed by us.